COVID-19, Mutations & Variants
Facts vs Fiction

Hawaii Air Fix is committed to providing honest & verifiable scientific information & analytical data to protect all Hawaii residents & tourists alike. Over the course of the next year Hawaii Air Fix will add prudent Facts vs Fiction below. HAF Website users, we want you to digest the true reality of what you should & shouldn't do outdoors & indoors to protect your health, prevention & protection 99.98% of the time against SARS CoV 2/COVID-19 virus, mutations & or variants. 

With HAF, indoor top Air & Surface purification systems in use nearby are the best product on the market today for you not to catch COVID-19 virus indoors or its mutations & variants unless you kiss, french kiss, physically touch, hug, spit, cough, or sneeze on a person who is COVID-19 infected within 3 feet of you.


  •  The ARCTURUS, OMICRON, XBB.1, & XBB.1.16 variants are the most deadly Covid-19 viruses yet. A serious-high percentage of Americans are still getting COVID-19 variant infected on a daily basis.
  • Technologies, ARC (Active Radiant Catalysis)/ Advanced Air Purifying Technologies & Multicluster Ionization are the proven global leader in indoor Air & Surface protection to reduce & minimize all indoor pathogens & contaminants. This includes all related SARS CoV 2/COVID-19 variants & mutations along with West Nile Virus, MRSA, Swine Flu Virus & Avian Bird Flu.
  • Double mutations like the Omicron/Delta variant are now more serious & deadly than the COVID-19 initial virus strain. UK, South Africa, India, Delta & Brazil all have serious, more powerful illness problems from their mutated strains. 
  • If you are outside in our natural environment there is less than a 3% chance of being infected by the COVID-19 virus mutations & variants. This is due to the natural airborne fomites going into the sky & rapidly moving in all directions instead of being in a contained environment. 
  • COVID-19 double mutations & variants can live on indoor surfaces for up to 72 hours, confirmed by the World Health Organization experts.
  • In a indoor air space with HAF purification systems it has now been proven to be 99.98% effective in a SARS CoV 2/COVID-19 contamination spreader or super-spreader with our scientific proof, reduce & minimize airborne particles in 3 minutes or less
  • All masks used presently have a maximum success rate of fomites inhalation that you would have contact through your eyes, mouth or nose of 3%. Thus makes are not your solution to SARS-CoV-2 personal protection & prevention. 
  • All Commercial Airlines use recycled indoor A/C & have yet to find a way to purify plane's indoor air & surfaces. Thus, without use of a HAF personal air purifier on you, the risk of COVID-19 infection & contamination is extremely high in close quarters with passengers anywhere on the plane. 
  • Human beings lack infrared eyesight. Thus, all of the people walking, talking, touching, interacting & working in every indoor environment with a spray bottle & rag, disinfecting & cleaning behind you is at best 50% effective in protecting the environment & you against COVID-19 mutations & variants. 
  • All Commercial Airlines, Cruise Ships, public busses without indoor HAF Air & Surface purification are highly likely to increase your personal risk of contracting COVID-19 mutations & variants by at least 10 times greater via a super spreader  & or cluster.
  • A COVID-19 vaccine & booster shot are no guarantee that you are completely protected from further COVID-19 virus contamination or health issues related to the COVID-19 virus. 
  • All Public & Private Schools/Universities do not have the proper indoor protection & prevention in place, at the present. They badly need HAF certified indoor air purification/filtration & surface protection against all of the following: deadly viruses, germs, bacteria, e coli, salmonella, dust mites, mold, odors, smoke, vog & asthma/allergy conditions.
  • The ultraviolet light process by itself does not have airflow going through it, other than the first 200-400 square feet in direct sight to kill reduce & minimize & neutralize bacteria & germs in front of it. Thus rendering it ineffective for total home, vehicle, personal & or business protection & prevention. 
  • Electrostatic dry fog is not 99.9% effective against SARS CoV 2/COVID-19. In fact, it has NO COVID-19 validation at all with the EPA, FDA & Hawaii Department of Agriculture. There are imposters circling Hawaii with false representations & misrepresentations. In fact, it is as worthless as weed killer directly exposed to people.


  • You need to wear a mask outside at all time.
  • By wearing two masks at one time there is zero percent risk at catching COVID-19 mutations & variants.
  • You need to be at least 6 feet apart outdoors & indoors all the time.
  • You can catch COVID-19 from sharing the same water(bathtub, swimming pool, ocean) with someone else.
  • Isolation indoors, wearing double masks, social distancing, are going to guarantee you 100% safety from COVID-19, mutations & variants.
  • All Restaurants with plexiglass and hand sanitizers will guarantee that you will not catch COVID-19 while eating indoors.
  • All indoor Gyms & Yoga Studios with 6 feet social distancing will guarantee you will not catch COVID-19 while exercising.
  • Business practices of walking behind people doing business indoors with Clorox & bleach with a disinfectant bottle & rag are going to guarantee COVID-19 protection.