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"Every Breath You Take"
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Hawaii Air Fix co-hosted a weekly live talk show from Jan 2021 through late 2022. This was with Salem Media Hawaii lead talk show representatives & Hawaii Air Fix president in charge, Boomer Mansfield. Thus, to combat the effects & the real science with (ARC) Active Radiant Catalysis plus patented, high tech, NASA Awarded Space Technologies in our indoor Air & Surface purification & protection systems. This is to protect you, your home, your business & vehicle in indoor areas from COVID-19 virus, mutations, variants & all other indoor Air & Surface contaminants. HAF will explore World Health Organization & CDC issues & the reality of getting infected with Covid-19 virus or it's mutations & variations indoors without HAF purification systems in use. HAF is your proven leader in the Air & Surface indoor  purification industry. HAF American leading manufacturers, indoor air & surface experts & clients with indoor air true testimonials can be heard weekly live on the Thursday Talk Radio Show.

"Every Breath You Take"
Episode #75 - 06/16/2022

"Every Breath You Take"
Episode #81 - 07/28/2022

"Every Breath You Take"
Episode #82 - 08/04/2022

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