Hawaii Air Fix Services:

Hawaii Air Fix offers the following services

•  Direct Retail Sales of all HAF Residential, Business & Commercial Air & Surface Purifiers of the three American Manufacturers we represent.
•  Direct Retail Sales & Wholesale Options on our American Manufacturers other great products (Water Purification, Laundry Power, Surge Power Protectors, & 13 top of the line Nutriceutical Vitamin Supplements)
•  Local reconditioning & repair services to all HAF Residential, Business & Commercial Air & Surface Purifiers no longer under our three American Manufacturers Warranties.
• HAF offers local MOLD ABATEMENT & REMEDIATION Service with our affiliated partners. HAF offers top, local Air & Surface purification systems left behind in all local mold kill & removal jobs to protect homes & Commercial & Industrial businesses from mold for years to come.
•  Local Scheduled HAF Bi-Monthly or Monthly Air & Surface Cleaning & mini maintenance at businesses across Oahu.
•  Local HAF Training & assisting new HAF Air & Surface Purifier licensed affiliates daily.
•  Direct Wholesale Distribution of all Commercial Grade HAF Air & Surface Purifiers & HVAC Ductworx to Hawaii based & licensed A/C HVAC Ductworx & Refrigeration Contractors.
•  HAF Auto Detailing subsidiary OFFERS Complete interior Auto Detailing & PROFESSIONAL COVID 19 VIRUS reduction & minimization & Interior Professional Deep Cleaning & Sanitization.