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10 new COVID-related deaths, 744 new infections recorded in Hawaii, DOH reports (September 29, 2023) KTIV

64YO Magic Johnson Warns the World of Deadly Virus that Could Kill Over 14,000 People Aged 65+: "177,000 Adults... Are Hospitalized" (September 29, 2023) SmartNews 

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COVID Levels are so high, they're approaching 2020's initial peak, as the WHO urges those at high risk to take any booster they can get their hands on (September 16, 2023) SmartNews 

Hawaii's COVID- related deaths surpass 2,000 (September 13, 2023) SmartNews 

Florida advises against new COVID vaccine for people under 65, contradicting CDC (September 13, 2023) SmartNews 

First responder deaths from post-9/11 illnesses nearly equals number of firefighters who died that day (September 11, 2023) SmartNew 
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4 new COVID-related deaths, 1,312 new infections recorded in Hawaii, DOH reports (August 29, 2023) KITV

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U.S. sees biggest rise in COVID hospitalizations since December (July 25, 2023) SmartNews

COVID-19 data shows early signs of an increase in cases (July 25, 2023) SmartNews

Rise in new COVID-19 cases in Japan shows little sign of abating (July 18, 2023) SmartNews

COVID-19 vaccine is ‘biological weapon,’ must be banned, Fla. county GOP says (July 14, 2023) SmartNews

England Records Alarming Pediatric Hospital Admissions Due To COVID-19 (July 10, 2023) SmartNews

New Deadly Virus Is Spreading Across Europe; May Cause Future Pandemic, Says WHO (July 10, 2023) SmartNews

The long mystery of long COVID: it's not inflammation (July 3, 2023) SmartNews

Half of doctors who caught Covid are STILL suffering ill health, survey suggests (July 3, 2023) SmartNews

WHO: Nearly 36 million in Europe suffering from long COVID (June 28, 2023) SmartNews 

What Do We Know About the EU.1.1 COVID Variant? (June, 27, 2023) SmartNews

What’s EU.1.1? CDC Tracks More Distant Descendant Of XBB.1.5 COVID Variant (June 26, 2023) SmartNews

Who’s taking COVID antivirals like Paxlovid? Hint: it helps if you’re rich (June 24, 2023) SmartNews

CDC tracking new COVID variant EU.1.1 (June 24, 2023) SmartNews

FDA considers changing COVID vaccine to target XXB, the latest omicron strain (June 18,2023) SmartNews

Chinese scientist who filed patent for Covid vaccine died mysteriously (June 18, 2023) SmartNews

Long COVID linked to persistent inflammation (June 17, 2023) SmartNews

3 new COVID-related deaths, 349 new infections recorded in Hawaii, DOH reports (June 16, 2023) NewsBreak

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Scientists remain vigilant for new COVID-19 variants while improving the ability to predict complications (June 1, 2023) SmartNews

CDC hosts COVID-19 superspreader event — 181 test positive" (June 1, 2023) SmartNews

More than 1 in 6 unvaccinated people report health effects of COVID two years after confirmed infection (June 1, 2023) SmartNews

Just when we were starting to see COVID and RSV rates drop this spring, another type of virus contributed to a spike in respiratory infections (May 30, 2023) SmartNews

China Not Implementing Lockdowns Despite Alarming Surge In COVID-19 Cases (May 29, 2023) SmartNews

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Some adults 65 and over won’t get new COVID shot. Here’s why — and what experts think (May 11, 2023) SmartNews

Hawaii reports 787 new COVID-19 cases, 8 more deaths (May 10, 2023) SmartNews

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The ‘Arcturus’ COVID Variant Is Already in the Bay Area. What We Know About XBB.1.16 (May 6, 2023) SmartNews

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The next pandemic could be ‘as infectious as this one but far more lethal’—and make COVID look like a cakewalk, expert warns (May 1, 2023) SmartNews 

Arcturus COVID variant cause pink eye? What to know Does Arcturus COVID variant cause pink eye? What to know? (April 28, 2023) CBS NEWS

COVID-19 ‘here to stay,’ but emergency phase is easing, WHO says (April 27, 2023) SmartNews

CDC warns of new Covid ‘variant of interest’ called Arcturus in US that could spread globally (April 25, 2023) SmartNews

Five Brits die with new Covid variant Arcturus – as super-infectious strain spreads globally (April 24, 2023) SmartNews

Severe Covid infection shown to trigger deadly side effect months later, scientists warn (April 20, 2023) SmartNews

China began developing Covid vaccines before official outbreak start (April 20, 2023) SmartNews

Hawaii reports 935 new COVID-19 cases, 10 more deaths (April 19, 2023) SmartNews

FDA: Single dose of bivalent COVID vaccine enough for most people (April 18, 2023) SmartNews

Catching Covid can trigger killer new side effect MONTHS later, scientists discover (April 18, 2023) SmartNews

New COVID-19 Strain ‘Arcturus’: What to Know (April 18, 2023) SmartNews

Scientists fear bird flu has ‘mutated making it more deadly and contagious (April 17, 2023) SmartNews

New COVID Variant Arcturus Is ‘One To Watch’ As It Spreads Much Faster: WHO (April 14, 2023) SmartNews

The COVID virus has mutated so much since 2019 that some experts say it should be renamed SARS-CoV-3 (April 13, 2023) SmartNews 

Mask Mandates in Hospitals May Have Done Little to Slow COVID-19 Omicron Transmission (April 11, 2023) SmartNews

Switzerland not recommending COVID-19 vaccine, including for high-risk individuals (April 11, 2023) SmartNews

Spread of COVID-19 in households is linked to virus on hands and surfaces, say researchers (April 06, 2023) SmartNews

Covid on surfaces may be significant spreader as scientists ‘rebalance the pendulum (April 7, 2023) SmartNews

Why The Latest COVID Variant Has The World Health Organization Concerned (March 31, 2023) SmartNews

Covid Cancer Link Fears As Doctor Says Deadly Disease Now Arrive Years Earlier Than Usual In Some People (March 30, 2023) SmartNews

Norovirus is spreading throughout the U.S., causing vomiting, diarrhea in unlucky patients (March 24, 2023) SmartNews

Court blocks COVID-19 vaccine mandate for US gov’t workers (March 24, 2023) SmartNews

If you had Covid before you were vaccinated, you might have less immunity than you think, study says (March 22, 2023) SmartNews

Massive rise in norovirus cases sweeping the country, hospital beds filling up” (March 18, 2023) SmartNews

Sleeping less than 6 hours a night? You could be twice as likely to develop long Covid, Hong Kong researchers say (March 17, 2023) SmartNews

COVID Forever: Fauci Says Americans Should Get Booster ‘At Least Once a Year (March 17, 2023) SmartNews

Air pollution ‘speeds up osteoporosis’ in postmenopausal women (March 10, 2023) SmartNews

Norovirus levels in England ‘very high’ with most cases among over-65s (March 10, 2023) SmartNews

Hawaii reports 7 COVID deaths, over 500 new cases in past week (March 9, 2023) Hawaii News Now

US to relax Covid testing restrictions for travelers from China as soon as Friday US to relax Covid testing restrictions for travelers from China as soon as Friday" (March 7, 2023) CNN

Cardiologists weigh in on whether COVID-19 or vaccines pose a greater risk of heart problems (March 1, 2023) SmartNews

Dr. Anthony Fauci emerges from home, keeps quiet after latest COVID lab leak report (February 28, 2023) SmartNews

Fauci Admits COVID, Influenza Vaccines Have ‘Deficiencies (February 28, 2023) SmartNews

Predicting the next pandemic after COVID shook the world (February 28, 2023) SmartNews

Did Covid start from a lab leak in China? The WHO wants the US’ help to find out (February 26, 2023) SmartNews

Republicans erupt after Energy Dept reportedly says COVID-19 likely came from Chinese lab: ‘We need answers (February 26, 2023) SmartNews

Long Covid disabled them. Then they met a ‘broken’ Social Security disability process (February 25, 2023) CNN

Massive surge in hospitalizations of babies and young kids due to COVID recorded in 2nd year of pandemic (February 24, 2023) SmartNews

A cardiologist warns more people in their 20s and 30s are showing up with heart attacks and heart disease" (February 23, 2023) SmartNews

A cardiologist warns more people in their 20s and 30s are showing up with heart attacks and heart disease (February 23, 2023) SmartNews

COVID-19 Aftereffects: Surge In Heart Attacks, Cardiovascular Illnesses Linked To Virus (February 22, 2023) SmartNews

Bird Flu Has 56% Fatality Rate In Humans; Experts Bracing For Next Pandemic (February 22, 2023) SmartNews

COVID-19 Patients ‘55% More Likely’ To Suffer Heart Attack, Stroke And Death: Report (February 20, 2023) SmartNews

Research shows very strong brain abnormalities post-COVID (February 14, 2023) SmartNews

Hawaii COVID-19 positivity rate at 5%; 8 more deaths"  (February 11, 2023) SmartNews

USu registers rise in highly infectious norovirus causing stomach illness" (February 12, 2023) SmartNews

A leading bird flu expert says this ‘nasty’ outbreak is here to stay: ‘There’s something different about this virus (February 10, 2023) SmartNews

Cases of vomiting bug norovirus are 66 per cent higher than normal after outbreak in care homes (February 9, 2023) SmartNews

Paxlovid Side Effects: What You Need To Know About The COVID Antiviral (February 07, 2023) SmartNews

COVID infection and vaccination linked to heart disease (February 6, 2023) SmartNews

The COVID-19 pandemic has reached a transition point, says WHO (JAN 31, 2023) SmartNews

People hospitalized with COVID-19 may have higher risk for heart damage
(JAN 29, 2023)

Brits yank back COVID vaccination program as US plunges forward with one-size-fits-all strategy (JAN 26, 2023) JUST THE NEWS

China COVID: 80 per cent of the population have now had the illness, top health official says

Urgent warning to anyone who’s had Covid over ‘increased risk of dying for 18 months after infection’ (JAN 23, 2023) THE US SUN

Biden said the pandemic is over, but the pandemic won't cooperate (JAN 22, 2023) THE LA TIMES

China says COVID outbreak has infected 80 percent of population (JAN 22, 2023) ALJAZEERA

Rural Covid-19 Deaths Climbed by 90% (JAN 20, 2023) THE DAILY YONDER

Las Vegas Strip Gets Surprising Covid, RSV, and Flu News (JAN 20, 2023) THE STREET

Pregnant women with COVID are nearly 8 times more likely to die and 23 times more likely to develop pneumonia, new study finds (JAN 19, 2023) FORTUNE

Nearly a quarter of travelers flying out of China after 'zero COVID' lift were positive for the disease, new report reveals (JAN 18, 2023) FORTUNE

The China CDC Claims To Have Found The XBB Variant Locally (Jan 17, 2023) Magma News Station

China reports massive rise in COVID death toll after WHO criticized it for undercounting. Why is China hiding its numbers? (JAN 16, 2023) COINCHAPTERS

Golden Globes COVID Spread Continues With Jamie Lee Curtis, Colin Farrell, And Brendan Gleeson (JAN 15, 2023) LOOPER

Long Covid can be debilitating, even for healthy kids (JAN 15, 2023) CNN

WHO seeks more China Covid data, praises US 'transparency' (JAN 11, 2023) AI-MONITOR

More than 24K people have reported COVID test results to new NIH website (JAN 11, 2023) ABC NEWS

'Very contagious' variant looms as Michigan's COVID cases surpass 3M (JAN 11, 2023) THE DETROIT NEWS

COVID Is Running Rampant in China, But Experts Say Travel Restrictions Are Pointless
(JAN 09, 2023) VICE

COVID Autopsies Reveal The Virus Spreading Through The 'Entire Body'

The Symptoms Of COVID Variant XBB That Doctors Are Seeing Right Now

(JAN 06, 2023) HUFFPOST

XBB.1.5 is most transmissible omicron subvariant yet, WHO says (JAN 05, 2023) ABC NEWS

Over a quarter of Americans say they know someone they think died from COVID vaccine, poll
(JAN 03, 2023) JUST THE NEWS

A Valuable COVID Drug Doesn't Work against New Variants - Scientific American

XBB.1.5 may be 'most transmissible subvariant of Omicron to date,' scientists warn
(JAN 04, 2023) CNN

New COVID variant 'could be the one to watch out for in 2023' after surge in cases, expert warns (JAN 03, 2023) SKY NEWS

New coronavirus strain causes 'double-whammy' of concern for Chicago epidemiologist
(JAN 02, 2023) CBS CHICAGO

Warning over new Covid variant that evades immune system as US cases double in one week

As COVID turns 3, experts worry where the next pandemic will come from – and if we'll be ready (JAN 01, 2023) USA TODAY

Over 40% of U.S. COVID cases caused by Omicron subvariant XBB.1.5 - CDC
(DEC 31, 2022) REUTERS

Coronavirus: Omicron BA.5 subvariant may cause more damage – not less: study
(DEC 28, 2022) SCMP

US to require travelers from China to show negative Covid-19 test result before flight
(DEC 28, 2022) CNN

Nearly half of passengers from China to Milan have COVID: Italian officials (DEC 28, 2022) THE HILL

Number of Canadians in hospital with COVID has more than tripled since last year

China's COVID-19 surge raises odds of new coronavirus mutant

A third of people with long COVID suffer persistent smell loss (DEC 22, 2022) KNOWRIDGE

Why can't some people smell months after catching Covid? Their immune response could be the answer (DEC 22, 2022) NBC NEWS

Hawaii records 1,189 new COVID-19 cases, 10 more deaths (DEC 22, 2022) STAR-ADVERTISER

Which prevention measures will help keep viruses at bay this Christmas? Our medical analyst explains (DEC 19, 2022) CNN

First-line immune defenses against COVID-19 are short-lived and may explain reinfection

FDA researchers find Pfizer COVID vaccine linked to blood clots in people 65, older
(DEC 15, 2022) JUST THE NEWS

Dominant COVID-19 Subvariants Are 'Evading Antibodies': Threaten Boosters, Make Antibody Treatment Ineffective (DEC 15, 2022) INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS TIMES

COVID spreading faster than ever in China. 800 million could be infected this winter
(DEC 15, 2022) NPR

New COVID subvariants are leading charge in California now. What are BQ.1 and BQ.1.1?
(DEC 14, 2022) THE SAC BEE

Long COVID to blame for more than 3,500 deaths so far, CDC reports (DEC 14, 2022) CBS NEWS

Covid cases explode in Beijing leaving city streets empty and daily life disrupted
(DEC 14, 2022) CNN

COVID-19 tests recalled over false negatives (DEC 13, 2022) THE HILL
Air Quality in IVF centres may put pregnant women and procedures at risk

COVID is running rampant in China and its hospitals are overwhelmed

These are the most common COVID symptoms currently being reported, study finds
(DEC 12, 2022)

Virologist who funded Wuhan lab videos of himself in bat-filled cave (DEC 12, 2022) DAILY MAIL

Opinion: Thought mRNA vaccines would end with the pandemic? Think again (DEC 12, 2022) CNN

CDC urges masking return as tripledemic surges (DEC 12, 2022) THE HILL

Do COVID-19 vaccines really have worse side effects than other vaccines? Here's what experts say (DEC 11, 2022) SALON

China expanding hospitals, ICUs as COVID-19 cases surge (DEC 11, 2022) THE GLOBE AND MAIL

5,000 new COVID cases reported in LA County; 12 more deaths

Hawaii records 1,371 new COVID-19 cases, 7 more deaths


Experimental decoy drug tricks coronavirus, then destroys it (DEC 07, 2022) LOS ANGELES TIMES

Strange COVID-19 Symptoms Affecting People's Fingers, Toes, And Even Tongues
(DEC 06, 2022) IFL SCIENCE

LA County COVID-19 Cases Spike 75%, Could Soon See Mask Mandate (DEC 06, 2022) THE DAILY BEAST

Covid causing liver damage lasting months after infection, study finds (DEC 06, 2022) THE INDEPENDENT

Doctor: The Las Vegas Strip Has a 'Superbug' Problem (DEC 05, 2022) THE STREET

Dr. Fauci is open to more school shutdowns? You’ve got to be kidding me.
(DEC 04, 2022) USA TODAY

You’ve got COVID — but what are the rules these days? (DEC 03, 2022) THE SUN SENTINEL

Covid-19: Expert says reinfections will keep rising amid late-year wave (DEC 02, 2022) NZ HERALD

U.S. COVID cases are climbing again as new omicron variants spread (DEC 02, 2022) MARKETWATCH

Do We Still Need to Quarantine With COVID? (DEC 02, 2022) MEDPAGE TODAY

Next Covid strain could be more dangerous than Omicron, scientists warn (DEC 02, 2022) THE INDEPENDENT UK

COVID can live on groceries for days, scientists find in new study (DEC 02, 2022) FORTUNE

The U.S. is 'certainly' still in a Covid-19 pandemic, Dr. Fauci says (DEC 01, 2022) CNBC

More than a ‘tripledemic.’ Flu, COVID, other viruses create ‘storm’ in Fresno hospitals
(DEC 01, 2022)

FDA pulls Covid antibody treatment because it's not effective against dominant omicron variants (DEC 01, 2022) CNBC

Long Covid may be 'the next public health disaster' — with a $3.7 trillion economic impact rivaling the Great Recession (NOV 30, 2022) CNBC

Anthony Fauci says United States is 'certainly' still in COVID-19 pandemic
(NOV 28, 2022)

Next Covid-19 Strain May be More Dangerous, Lab Study Shows (NOV 26, 2022) BLOOMBERG

It’s a colorless, toxic gas. A US woman won $363m after years of exposure

Experts: COVID isn't going away, it's evolving (NOV 25, 2022) AUDACY

RSV vaccine reviewed; seniors at risk (NOV 25, 2022) CTV NEWS

China just reported a record high day of coronavirus cases after loosening its zero-COVID policy (NOV 25, 2022) INSIDER

RSV and flu: Doctors urge Thanksgiving caution as viruses rise (NOV 24, 2022) THE BBC NEWS

Why Covid infection in some causes fatal inflammation, study finds

More vaccinated people died from COVID than unvaccinated people in August
(NOV 23, 2022)

1 in 3 older adults get new diseases after COVID-19, study finds (NOV  21, 2022) KNOWRIDGE

Pediatricians plead for Biden to declare RSV emergency

(NOV 21, 2022) PONYTER

COVID-19 tracker: Tokyo reports 7,777 new cases (NOV 20, 2022) THE JAPAN TIMES

Vaccine Breakthrough Could Finally Bring COVID to Its Knees (NOV 19, 2022) THE DAILY BEAST

Vitamin D level could determine COVID-19 severity (NOV 19, 2022) KNOWRIDGE

The U.S. may be headed for a 'tridemic' this winter as nurse burnout continues to rise

COVID vax makers finally study long-term heart damage as FDA admits bivalent data lacking
(NOV 18, 2022)

BA.5 is no longer dominant in the U.S. for the first time since July, as two new subvariants take


(NOV 17, 2022) NBC NEWS

Urgent warning to anyone who’s had Covid over new ‘side effect that can strike months later’
(NOV 17, 2022) THE US SON

Covid-19 rebound may be more common in people who take Paxlovid, early study suggests
(NOV 16, 2022)

Mom shares dangers of RSV as 7-month-old is hospitalized (NOV 15, 2022) ABC NEWS

What is the new ‘Hellhound’ Covid variant? (NOV 14, 2022) MUNDO NOW

I'm a pediatric nurse seeing 50 RSV patients a day. This is what it's like treating inconsolable toddlers with the illness. (NOV 12, 2022) BUSINESS INSIDER

U.S. COVID public health emergency to stay in place (NOV 12, 2022) REUTERS

Respiratory virus rates in Hawaiʻi are increasing early in the season

A listeria outbreak has swept across 6 states. Here are the symptoms to watch out for
(NOV 11, 2022) YAHOO NEWS

One in four test positive for RSV in Hawaii (NOV 10, 2022) KHON 2

Hawaii records 1,288 new COVID-19 cases, 5 more deaths (NOV 09, 2022) STAR ADVERTISER

40% of COVID-19 survivors get a new disability, study finds (NOV 09, 2022) KNOWRIDGE

COVID-19 still a leading cause of death in L.A. County, even amid ‘milder’ Omicron surge

COVID-19 infection linked to new bladder symptoms (NOV 08, 2022) KNOWRIDGE SCIENCE REPORT

US hospitals are so overloaded that one ER called 911 on itself (NOV 08, 2022) ARS TECHNICA

As Amy Schumer’s son is rushed to hospital with RSV, what parents need to know about the common virus (NOV 08, 2022) THE INDEPENDENT

Amy Schumer reveals her son Gene, three, was ‘rushed to ER for RSV’

‘Many people’ infected with Omicron after getting booster vaccine - common signs post-jab

Yes, adults can get RSV and it can be severe (NOV 06, 2022) KNOWRIDGE SCIENCE REPORT

Most People Who Have Respiratory Syncytial Virus Feel This Symptom First (NOV 06, 2022) EAT THIS NOT THAT

Covid: Pharyngitis now the top symptom in fully vaccinated - replaced 'traditional' signs
(NOV 06, 2022)

US hospital flu cases highest in a decade amid winter vaccination warning (NOV 05, 2022) THE GUARDIAN

NSW coronavirus update: State in early stages of next COVID-19 wave, Chief Health Officer Kerry Chant warns (NOV 03, 2022) 9 NEWS

A COVID wave of BQ infections that started in New York has already reached California. It’s about to engulf the rest of the nation, experts say (NOV 02, 2022) FORTUNE

The COVID boomerang. Study finds symptoms recur more often in those who took drug to ease illness (OCT 31, 2022) THE SAN DIEGO UNION TRIBUNE

Two types of persistent cough that warn of Covid infection - including 'dirty' phlegm

As the virus mutates, the most common COVID symptoms appear to be changing, too
(OCT 31, 2022) SALON NEWS

One twin lost his life to RSV, now his parents are waiting to find out if his brother will survive the same illness (OCT 30, 2022) CNN

Flu season has hit 13-year record in US, CDC reports (OCT 29, 2022) THE INDEPENDENT

Doctors say RSV is hitting toddlers hard this year as sick kids line up for hospital beds across the US (OCT 29, 2022) INSIDER

Around 16% of people experience ‘whole body’ side effect of Covid booster jabs, data shows

Gov. Hochul gets flu shot as hospitals brace for trifecta of viruses

‘Lifting indoor mask mandate could cause COVID-19 surge(OCT 27, 2022) PHILSTAR GLOBAL

Pandemic ‘immunity gap’ is probably behind surge in RSV cases, scientists say (OCT 26, 2022) CNN

China debuts oral, aeriosolize COVID vaccine (OCT 26, 2022) 24 NEWS

Experts Are Anticipating Another COVID Wave This Winter—And We’re Not Prepared for It (OCT 25, 2022) SELF NEWS

U.S. could face “tripledemic” amid exodus of health care workers (OCT 25, 2022) CBS NEWS

Omicron variants BQ.1, BQ.1.1 and XBB.1 detected in Hawaii (OCT 25, 2022) START ADVERTISER

Early, surprising surge of RSV in kids has hospitals, medical centers concerned
(OCT 25, 2022) YAHOO NEWS

Omicron subvariants pose a new threat to people with immune deficiencies
(OCT 23, 2022) NBC NEWS

New Omicron Subvariant Is Expected to Drive Covid Wave in Europe (OCT 22, 2022) BLOOMBERG

Midday Newscast: Common respiratory virus is spreading at unusually high levels in kids

Here's the Difference Between Flu, COVID-19 and RSV Symptoms as Doctors Warn of Triple Whammy Winter (OCT 21, 2022) INSIDE EDITION

Cases of BQ.1, BQ.1.1 COVID variants double in U.S. as Europe warns of rise (OCT 22, 2022) REUTERS

Here Are the States Rejecting Mandatory COVID-19 Shots for Kids (OCT 21, 2022) THE DAILY SIGNAL

It's time to stop saying 'fully vaccinated' for Covid, experts say—here's why (OCT 21, 2022) CNBC

Respiratory illness in children is surging "like never before" (OCT 21, 2022) AXIOS

5 people who got COVID boosters and flu shots at the same time share their side effects (OCT 21, 2022) BUSINESS INSIDER

Omicron subvariants reflect a 'viral evolution on steroids' (OCT 20, 2022) NBC NEWS

Op-ed: Biden’s premature declaration on the end of the COVID-19 pandemic (SEP 27, 2022) HARVARD NEWS

As schools spend millions on air purifiers, experts warn of overblown claims and harm to children
(SEP 14, 2022) PBS NEWS HOUR

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